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The Light Center is a progressive 21st century church community that exists to bring the timeless values and light of God’s Word to this present generation.

It’s senior leader Rev. Wah Ronald Wallace, together with a gifted value-based team of leaders, lead The Light Center and it’s multiplicity of ministries, into fulfilling it’s purpose from it’s headquarter in Monrovia, Liberia, to the world at large

The Year 2020

The Holy Spirit

My Leader

TLC’s messages combine spirituality with practicality for personal and national applications: Challenging mentalities. I’ve been 8 years a part, with nary a bored moment!

Lydia Sandimanie Nimley

The Light Center is a church home where my gift of being a connector of people and things is allowed to flourish for the glory of God.

Janine Stegall

TLC Church seeks to uphold the full truth of God’s Word using it as a practical instrument to bring about National Reformation-this agrees with the passion of my heart.

Caleb Massalay
How to Start a New Life in Christ

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Prophetic Citizens

“Liberia’s hope of a glorious future will no more be in the hands of elected Presidents. It will be in the hands of ‘Prophetic Citizens’; citizens of vision, knowledge, resolve and [prophetic] authority.”


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‘ True knowledge is more than just the acquisition of information it is a force that develops a skill that demands an action that leads to the desired manifestation.

Wah Ronald Wallace