Ministry’s Unit

Strategic Missions

Outreach, Evangelism and follow-up

Foundation/Membership Classes

Discipleship  Study Classes

Body Care Ministry

Benevolence Ministry

Children’s Church

Youth Life Development

Ministry to Women

Ministry to Men

Family Life Development

Elders Program

Ministry of Music and Worship

Ministry of Intercession

Business Development

Media Ministry

Maintenance and Hospitality Unit

Strategic Committees

Strategic Missions: Unit responsible for strategic Missions and Church planting program operations.

Outreach, Evangelism and Follow-up: Unit responsible for outreach, evangelism and follow-up.

Foundation/Membership Classes: Unit responsible for foundation/membership classes; classes held every Monday for five (5) weeks at a time.

Discipleship Study Classes: Unit responsible for discipleship development classes conducted in every ministry unit for unit members/workers; Discipleship development classes seek to take the believers through all Biblical Doctrines and essential Biblical truths.

Body Care Ministry: Unit responsible to follow-up the members of the local body; to extend love and concern (care) where needed most.

Benevolence Ministry: Unit responsible for the benevolence activities of the Light Center; helping orphans, widows and people in dire need, scholarship program, emergency relief and response, etc.

Children’s Church: Ministry responsible for the development of children in the word of God, and the principles of godliness.

Youth Development: Ministry responsible for the development of youth in the Word of God and the principles of godliness.

Ministry to Women: Ministry responsible for the development of women in the Word of God and their role in the earth.

Ministry to Men: Ministry responsible for the development of men in the Word of God and their role in the earth.

Family Life Development: Ministry responsible for counseling families and family members in family related situations, and training in the word of God.

Elders Program: A ministry program to the elderly.

Ministry of Music & Worship: Ministry responsible to activate the spirit and art of music and worship to God and lead God’s people into the Spirit and presence of worship.

Ministry of Intercession: Ministry responsible for prayer watch, and keeping the prayer dynamics active in the work of the local Church.

Business Development: Ministry unit responsible for the Business Development potentials in the body of God’s people.

Media and Creative Arts Ministry: Unit responsible for Media and Creative Arts Ministry.

Maintenance and Hospitality Unit: Unit responsible for the up-keep of the building and facilities of the Ministry, and the orderly arrangement of its services/ meetings.

Strategic Committees: Committees responsible for the program development and services of the following:

– Family Day Services and Programs

– Social Transformation Service

– Skill Development Programs

– Church Buildings and Lands Projects

– Education Projects

– Social Development Projects

( Agriculture projects, etc.)

Note: Every Ministry or Ministry Unit of The Light Center is intended to carry out/conduct ministry or the work of Ministry according to the purpose (reason) for each of it, and according to the purpose and principles of the pillars that TLC is built upon.

Each Ministry Unit exists to fulfill the purpose and core objectives of the Light Center, and we intend to keep it as the underlying reason for the activities of any unit.

Our goal is to develop all of our sectors and ministry units into Kingdom organizations that will influence societal changes, according to the will of God.

Our primary desire is for all of our ministries and ministry units to capture a ‘Kingdom Vision’ – a vision of God’s heart for the harvest and transformation of mankind and not just for our local Church membership; it is for our ministries to become truly kingdom-minded, to share God’s heart for the world and all the issues that are affecting it.