To start a new life in Christ that will be filled with joy, excitement, peace, adventure, strength, and power for the fulfillment of purpose, there are five (5) basic steps you will need to consciously consider:

  1. You must understand and consciously acknowledge your need of a Saviour, and the need to be cleansed of your sins;
  2. You must repent of your sins, ask for Christ’s forgiveness and confess faith in Jesus Christ, accepting His forgiveness (Salvation) and Him as your Lord and personal Saviour;
  3.  You must know and believe that you have received eternal life and that you are a child of God, born not of the will of man nor the will of the flesh, but the will of God, by the washing of regeneration and renewal of the Holy Spirit;
  4. You must become a part of a local Church Family, a true Bible-believing (practicing) Church; and become deeply involved in its activities; and
  5. You must begin to spend quality personal time reading your Bible, meditation, and prayers daily.

These are the five (5) basic steps that will give you a healthy start of rooted experience in your new found faith in Jesus Christ.

May the blessings of God in Christ Jesus our Lord, through the power of the Holy Spirit, be with you, always, Amen!