Our Primary Objectives

Our Mission and Vision seek to fulfill eight (8) specific objectives:

  • To effectively disciple the flock of God in our care and ensure their continual development in the whole counsel of God as is revealed in the Word of God, the Bible;
  • To ensure that more people are brought to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and His Kingdom, on a daily, weekly and monthly basis;
  • To ensure that Believers continually enjoy the provisions/benefits of our redemption in Christ by conducting meetings that focus on the victory, healing, deliverance and development of God’s people;
  • To initiate missions in all the regions across Liberia;
  • To spread the knowledge of the gospel and its power through the Media across the length and breadth of Liberia, and the world at large;
  • To establish Kingdom organizations and conduct benevolent activities for social development;
  • To initiate a campaign specifically focused on Liberia’s transformation; a campaign called Liberia Awakening Program; and
  • To establish strategic Learning Centers across Liberia