The Margibi Regional Missions

Our Margibi Regional Missions includes the following:

  • The establishment of  Young Men and Adults Hope Program.
  • The establishment of a Vocational Training College and Professional School Program.
  • The establishment of a Youth Development Center and Program for the outreach and development of youth in the region.
  • The establishment of a Worship and Believers Development Center; a Church Plant.
  • The initiation of a Media Broadcast Outreach Program for the purpose of reaching the entire Margibi County and surrounding regions.
  • The initiation of a Believers Victory and Development Meetings (Schools of Ministry).
  • The initiation of a Food Production Program, that includes:
    • A Bakery Plant
    • A Yogurt Plant
    • An Agriculture/Farm Production

Our prayer is that the Lord will touch your heart and as many as are willing to join us in touching lives with faith, hope and love. Your support can surely change the condition of the harvest fields (Mathew 9:37-38). May the Lord richly bless you as you serve and witness for Him in this Year of His Leadership.

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Yours in His service,

Wah Ronald Wallace