“Liberia is currently in the Ezekiel 37:1-10 state of existence. Liberia is in a ‘valley state’, nationally speaking. No help that comes from any place outside will be able to take Liberia out of this state except the ‘men amongst them’ – Ezekiel 22:30, – the men who understand the true condition of Liberia’s state and who understand Ezekiel’s prophetic recovery procedure plan; they are prophetic citizens.”

These are some of the things that must be done to take Liberia out of this state:

  1.    “You (prophetic citizens) need to drive “the vultures” away, now! You need to stop them from preying (feeding).
  2.    “You need healing doctors (men and women/citizens of authority in different fields, but anointed to heal concerning their respective fields and not just professionals of particular fields of an enterprise).
  3.    “You need to build a stronger net, and must do it quickly.”

Note: “It is not only time to network, but it is time to set a working net. It is time to work it in the sea. The rivers and other bodies of water can dry up, that is why you must work it in the sea.”

  1.    “You need to study the ‘Ezekiel Prophetic Recovery Surgery Procedure Plan’ and implement it. Why? Because Liberia will live (rise) again and become a mighty army of people amongst the nations”
  2.    “You must capture a national agenda and superimpose it upon the nation until it truly becomes a national agenda. You must capture it from the Spirit. It must not be given to you by man. When you capture it, you will know because it will begin to bear witness all across the nation even across tribal and political party lines.”