The Resurrection

Today represents the day that Jesus conquered death and rose from the grave triumphantly. It is the day we call Resurrection Sunday, whilst it is called ‘Easter Sunday’ by some. But what in actuality does this day represent?

Today, I want to remind you of the one thing that this day means to us and should mean to everyone in the world: It means “Passover”, as the word is, so is its meaning. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ represents the Passover because it allowed God Almighty to pass over our sins, not counting it against us, but placing it on Jesus and giving us His righteousness. – Romans 4:8-12/ 2 Corinthians 5:19,21.

And just as the children of the covenant of old were offered immunity from the spirit of destruction and death when they applied the Blood of the Lamb over their homes and lives, so has the blood of Jesus sacrifice offered up for has given us immunity from any spirit (plague) of destruction and death that looms in the world today. Exodus 12:7-14.

Therefore, celebrating the Passover is actually about celebrating the grace of His mercies (loving-kindness) to us. That as He conquered death and rose from the grave, all those who believe in Him will also conquer everything that represents death and rise from the hopelessness in the world that tries to pin us down, because we have become candidates of His “Passover”.

May the “Passover” become a reality in your life and the life of your family in this season, and may the Passover immunity granted you be shared with all who need it most in the world around you.

Go forth this week and continue to Passover.

Stay Blessed,

Wah Ronald Wallace,