Mathew 26:41 – “Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation. The Spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

I believe that this word is for those who are reading and listening to the voice of this article. This is the word of the Lord for your week; “Watch and Pray”! This was a prophetic warning and alarm of God’s heavenly truth that our Lord Jesus gave the believers of that time, which also is a proceeding word for our time. The word of God possesses life-giving powers and is given for rebuke, instruction, and training in righteousness for all generations, of which our generation plays a premium part.  – II Tim. 3:16

This word was given by our Lord Jesus Christ to impart into us the timeless principles and value of the mystery of the truth that shields people from falling into temptation (any trap, evil plans, satanic arrows, human wickedness, and manipulations of the flesh and waves of the challenges of the world).

I believe that this week begins the week that shields you from falling into any form of temptation in the Year 2020, Amen!

The Lord teaches that ‘Watching’ and ‘Praying’ are the combined keys that shield individuals from falling or entering into the traps of evil. It further lets us know that there is a difference between ‘Watching’ and ‘Praying’. He did not say ‘Watch and you will not fall into temptation’, neither did He say ‘Pray and you will not fall/enter into temptation’. No! He says, ‘watch and pray that you will not fall into temptation’. The relevant questions to this fact and spiritual truth for the individual becomes; what is the difference between watching and praying, and how do I watch and pray, so that I will daily escape the temptations of evil that are set against me?

To further answer these questions, we must clearly define the words ‘Watch’ and ‘Pray’. The word ‘Watch’, when spoken in Greek, means “To keep awake”. It means ‘to be alert’, ‘observant’, to be sensitive of spirit (heart), not just to everything transpiring around you, but also to the lessons taught through everything that is transpiring around you. For example, in Chapter 26, verses 36-40 of the Book of Mathews, Jesus teaches the difference between watching and praying. He specifically asked His disciples to ‘watch’ with Him whilst He went to pray. He did not ask them to pray with Him, but only to watch with Him.

Therefore, to ‘watch’ means to be awakened (alerted/observant/sensitive) with and in your spirit, allowing your spirit to give contemplative focus on a particular matter. This teaches us that when we allow ourselves (hearts) personal and private time daily to be engaged in quiet meditative reflection on things in the presence of the Lord, then we qualify the experience of what the Bible refers to as ‘watch’.

Prayer, on the other hand, is “to supplicate” or “make an earnest request to God”. In other words, Jesus encourages us in this season not just to pray or watch, but to watch and pray. The result will be phenomenal; You will escape every temptation (trap, pitfall, scheme of the enemy) set against your destiny.

Key Note: Watching and praying will not only cause us to escape from the fall of temptation but also give strength (power) to our flesh and enable us to be in total control of our total lives.

I prophesy to you under the influence of the Lord’s voice through this article, that this is your week to watch and pray, and escape every scheme set by the enemy for you, in Jesus precious name! Amen.

Stay blessed, and have a monumental week!